You Have A Say!

By now, everyone knows that I’ve change up my writing schedule. Major Changes In My Writing Schedule!  Now comes the fun!

Which of the projects listed below would like Christy to complete next? SEND HER A MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK!  Message Christy

  • The Tree of Knowledge/Best Friends            CHILDREN’S BOOK

The Tree of Knowledge/Best Friends is the story of an ancient Oak tree at the edge of the forest who speaks to all who seek knowledge, animal and human.

  • It’s All In The Bloodlines 

It’s All In The Bloodlines is a modern-day story. The life of a preacher and his family set in Saint Genevieve, Missouri, in the ‘70s.

  • Make Some Noise!

Make Some Noise is a book about how to market and promote yourself and if you are a writer, your book too!.

I can’t wait to hear from you!



Major Changes In My Writing Schedule!

I’ve come to a decision to change my writing schedule. My sequel to Forever and Always will have to wait. I am putting it on hold for an excellent reason.

I feel it is more important to get my Meniere’s book completed. Meniere’s Disease is such a horrible disease “Invisible Illness” and no one is immune. This decision has not been made in haste or because of any profit I may make from the sale of the book. Money is not the reason. People need this book and it is my ministry to bring it to them.

I will make an announcement as soon as the publication of my Meniere’s book is complete. You will be able to buy it directly from me, through my website, and I will ship it to you. I’ve also decided that anyone that has Ménière’s that buys a book from me directly will have the opportunity to have a Skype session with me, a one-on-one without leaving the comfort of their home. Shipping directly to a fellow Meniereian will help out all of us with Ménière’s, and I will still get to meet my fans!

The sequel of Forever and Always will be completed and published after the Meniere’s book is released. Thank you for your continued support, everyone. Blessings!