First Love . . . Forever Love?

Updated 6/14/2016

We have all had a first love that we remember with gentle fondness and loving memories. It isn’t necessarily the first person we date, although for some, that is exactly how it came along. For John McDougal and Patricia Heifelmeyer that is precisely what happened. Who are these people, you ask? John and Patricia are the protagonists in my novel Forever And Always.

When they met back in 1863 in Orleans parish John was the older of the pair. Along with being older you would naturally think he was very ‘experienced in the ways of the world’. Was he? How did they meet? Was it really love at first sight? I can’t tell you here, but all is revealed in Forever And Always. Here is a link to purchase the book:

Do you believe in love? I think we all do. I know I do personally. The love of my life is sitting beside me.


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