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Bio: Christy Smith is a writer of Historical Fiction to be followed by a book describing her life with Meniere’s disease that she hopes will inspire others and a current day novel in the works. A dedicated wife, mother of two and grandmother of four precious souls, Smith lives in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, where she assists with her weekly Bible study group. She is a speaker at seminars and serves in other capacities at her church. Both Christy and her husband of almost 40 years are involved in the Mid-Day Seniors group at First Christian of Florissant, their home church.

Christy loves the Lord, loves to laugh and be with His people. For Christy, there is nothing she would rather do than serve her Savior! Immersion is not just for baptism for Christy, it’s for everything in the Kingdom.

Christy’s book Forever And Always can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all of your favorite online retailers. Her sequel is scheduled for release in 2018. Check out her website at ChristySmith.net and Google her with Christy Smith Author of Forever And Always to find all things Christy Smith.

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