Runaway Roller Coaster

It’s 5:00 a.m. and I haven’t slept. My eyes have closed but I can’t find the brake for my brain. I’m on a runaway roller coaster of ideas! When the ideas begin, I feel each tug of the chain on the track; hear each click, click, click as I climb the 165-foot hill, whipping over the top at an unbelievable 180 feet and a near-vertical 85 degrees.

Almost coming out of my seat, thankful for the harness keeping me in the car, I rocket through twists and turns at 72 miles per hour. My heart drops! Oh, my head! Can’t catch my breath! Screaming a silent scream, ideas become the wind as I roar around unexpected curves and unbelievable twists; over-banked turns, inversions, flipping head-over-heels through a drop I didn’t know existed!

I know this has to end! Will I still have my head attached, ideas intact? Will my car come to a stop or shoot off the track only to be found miles away from where I began?

My, where am I? I think to myself, as I slowly gather my ideas strewn across the floor like fallen leaves after a windstorm.


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