Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith. The most amazing things in life tend to happen right when you are about to give up hope. Don’t let life’s spiritual whirlwinds uproot your faith.


Ephesians 4

Unity in the Body

Make every effort the unity of the Holy Spirit through the bond of peace. Satan is opposed to us living in unity and he does his best to destroy it. We need to consciously work together to stay unified with each other and God.

Heart of the Church

Apostles are sent out with the authority of the One who sent them. The gift of the Spirit is not limited to only the pastor, helper, prophets and teachers. It is unlimited because God has no limitations. We grow up into God, who is the head, all supporting each other in love, each doing their own part, as we all go about the work God has for us.

Living as Children of Light

It is hard to witness to someone who is ‘in the way of the world’; who have hardened their heart to God and to those who have lost all sensitivity.When you come to know Christ you have been made new.

Farming God’s Way

Put away the old ways as you would old clothes. Take off the facade of falseness and speak only the truth. Do not give the devil a foothold. Do something useful with your own two hands so you can share with those in need.

Stop all unwholesome talk. Speak only what is helpful to building others up; edify them. Speak from your heart. Be compassionate and forgiving as Christ forgave you.



Ephesians 5

Paul challenges us to be imitators of God. We, as children of God, should not participate in a long list of numerous sins, including but not limited to obscenity, greed and sexual immorality. He calls us to live a life of holiness and not to let anyone deceive us with their words or actions. If we do not follow His command, God’s wrath will come on the disobedient.

Expose the darkness to the light for everything exposed to the light becomes visible. The fruit of the light is truth and righteousness. Be careful and live wisely. Make the most of every opportunity presented to you because the days are short and filled with evil. Be on guard against evil; it can be seen or unseen. Be filled with the Spirit, speak to others, sing songs in your heart to our Lord Jesus, constantly giving thanks for all that you have been blessed with in your life.

Wives submit to your husbands as you submit to the Lord. Husbands love your wives just as Christ loves the church. Because of that great love, Christ died for His bride, the church. Husbands love your wives as you do your own body. No man ever hated his own body. Man should leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife for as they marry they become a new family in Christ.



just the three of us

A recent blog post posed the challenge; Write a statement about the purpose of your book. I didn’t take long to respond with; Doing what I was told couldn’t be done. I like a challenge and I like science fiction. What I don’t like are stories that have to use vulgar language and sex, simply to sell more copies. Don’t get me wrong; I do live on planet Earth and I do live in the real world. But, can we talk, am I the only one who thinks a story should stand on its own?

As a Christian, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to write Science fiction. Really?! 027 So, I set out to write a story about a local mystery of a lost Indian civilization (the Mississippian culture) who built massive earthen mounds in the prairies of Illinois just east of St. Louis. I took a real…

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