Detour Ahead

While driving recently I saw a sign that read ‘Detour Ahead’. I got to thinking that those two words can apply to our walk with Christ. I know for myself, my walk is not always as straight as I would like. It is full of detours and choices/decisions to make.

As a sinner, I am constantly having to choose to follow Christ. Satan is always tempting me, in one form or another. “You’re tired, don’t bother with church; sleep in. You really don’t feel well, stay home.” If I choose to go to Church, I may get dizzy from Meniere’s while there. That’s okay though because I am still praising and thanking God for my day and my health; lifting my day to give God all the glory. My health is not perfect, but I woke up today to experience another day; another chance to give praise to my God.

I may find myself in certain circumstances where I may be tempted to use language that I know is wrong, or watch shows on television that I might have watched before I gave my life to God. I have realized that choosing to follow Christ isn’t a one-time decision. It is a decision that I must make daily, at times even more than once a day!

Sometimes the choice is an easy one; other times it is more difficult to make the right decision. I’ve found that when the choice is harder for me to make, it is in an area of my life where I am more vulnerable. I know that choosing to walk with Christ is what I want no matter what.

So yes, as Christians, there are daily detours ahead for all of us. Brothers and sisters, we must keep our faith strong, through study of the Word and relationship with God and we must choose wisely!