You Are More Than . . .

John 1:12 says, “You are more than your past, your financial situation, your job, your personality, your triumphs, your failures. You are a Child of God.”

 In today’s difficult times, do we believe this verse? So many people tell us just the opposite – You can’t move ahead because of something in your past; If our finances are not dazzlingly perfect, and honestly whose is, we are told we can’t get a loan, or a car.

 I could continue through the list but I choose not. We all have a past, a financial situation, be it good or bad. We all have jobs, personalities, triumphs, and failures. Each of us knows where we stand. Do we let where we stand on these issues define us? I pray not.

 No one can afford for that to happen. If we aren’t happy with our situation, we can work towards improving it. We are the only ones who can improve our situation; I can’t improve yours and conversely, you can’t improve mine. The most important thing is that, by His grace, we truly are children of God. I stand proudly on that and raise my hands to Him in praise and thanksgiving!


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