Grandchildren are a gift from God. They afford you the chance to be young again. Not that you would change anything you did as a child yourself, but you get to see the world through new eyes. You get to teach them things that their parents may not have. You get to have childish fun again. Some things you might teach them are how to fish; how to bait a hook; how to sew; how neat it is to watch the clouds and just see what comes from your imagination. They may show an interest in your flower garden. If so, they can learn how certain flowers grow, by bulb or cutting. Can you jump rope or play jacks? Old games, yes, but still thoroughly enjoyable. My grandmother taught us card games like Kings on the Corner and Spades. She also taught me the art of crochet. The list of possibilities is endless and it is a list of treasures for both of your hearts and memories. Build memories today.Image


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