Are We Paying Attention? Part 1

“No more spinach,” was a phrase heard many times, in the 1960’s; to which we were scolded, “Eat every last bite on your plate. There are children starving in China.” Everyone has problems, some worse than others. No one has a perfect life, no matter what anyone says.

Sometimes it is hard to remember, no matter how bad you think your life is, somewhere there is someone worse off than you are. You might not like the color or feel of your hair. It may be unruly as everything; others hair may be falling out, still others are bald. You might think you are fat while others are anorexic and cannot help themselves; they just get thinner and thinner sometimes until they die.

We live in America and have freedom of speech. In some countries, you can be jailed for decades or even killed for expressing a belief different than the government.

Some of us suffer from depression because we think we have it so bad. Let’s really think about that. Do you have all of you appendages; do they work well; can you walk unassisted; write unaided? Do your vocal cords function normally? How about your eyes – can you see – even if it is not 20/20? What about your ears – do they work as God intended them?


2 thoughts on “Are We Paying Attention? Part 1

  1. It’s nice that someone can finally spend some time reminding me why I’m so blessed! Great God, Good friends, fine business, a somewhat dis-functional family, but we all love life! No matter how bad it gets, I woke up this morning and it was a great day to be alive! Thanks for writing this post! This has lifted my spirit!

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