You Are More Than . . .

John 1:12 says, “You are more than your past, your financial situation, your job, your personality, your triumphs, your failures. You are a Child of God.”

 In today’s difficult times, do we believe this verse? So many people tell us just the opposite – You can’t move ahead because of something in your past; If our finances are not dazzlingly perfect, and honestly whose is, we are told we can’t get a loan, or a car.

 I could continue through the list but I choose not. We all have a past, a financial situation, be it good or bad. We all have jobs, personalities, triumphs, and failures. Each of us knows where we stand. Do we let where we stand on these issues define us? I pray not.

 No one can afford for that to happen. If we aren’t happy with our situation, we can work towards improving it. We are the only ones who can improve our situation; I can’t improve yours and conversely, you can’t improve mine. The most important thing is that, by His grace, we truly are children of God. I stand proudly on that and raise my hands to Him in praise and thanksgiving!

Detour Ahead

While driving recently I saw a sign that read ‘Detour Ahead’. I got to thinking that those two words can apply to our walk with Christ. I know for myself, my walk is not always as straight as I would like. It is full of detours and choices/decisions to make.

As a sinner, I am constantly having to choose to follow Christ. Satan is always tempting me, in one way or another. “You’re tired, don’t bother with church; sleep in. You really don’t feel well; stay home.” If I choose to go to Church, I may get dizzy from Meniere’s while there. That’s okay though because I am still praising and thanking God for my day and my health; lifting my day to give God all the glory. My health is not perfect, but I woke up today to experience another day; another chance to give praise to my God.

I may find myself in certain circumstances where I may be tempted to use language that I know is wrong, or watch shows on television that I might have watched before I gave my life to God. I have realized that choosing to follow Christ isn’t a one-time decision. It is a decision that I must make daily, at times even more than once a day!

Sometimes the choice is an easy one; other times it is more difficult to make the right decision. I’ve found that when the choice is harder for me to make, it is in an area of my life where I am more vulnerable. I know that choosing to walk with Christ is what I want no matter what.

So yes, as Christians, there are daily detours ahead for all of us. Brothers and sisters, we must keep our faith strong, through study of the Word and relationship with God and we must choose wisely!


So often, I find myself trying to “find myself” even though I know who I am. I am, first and foremost, my father’s little girl. He held my hand through so many struggles; the worst of which I can think of from childhood, at this moment, is struggling to ride a bike.

I tried and tried and tried, and he was running beside me all the way. Each time he let go of the bike, I would topple to the ground. I couldn’t keep it going, no matter how hard I tried. We both were so frustrated, although I didn’t know until recently how my Dad felt. When I was a young girl, the doctors didn’t know about the imbalance I suffered from. We all thought I was just clumsy.

He’s always been my soft spot to fall, my Dad. He’s forever special to me, just like My Father in heaven. In my humble opinion, we are all here to take care of each other until we return to our mansions in heaven.

I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

Hearing / Listening vs Looking / Seeing

We’re constantly being told to listen or hear from every side; being asked, “Did you hear me?” Of course, we say yes whether we did or not. I don’t think the real question is “Did you hear me?” alone, but also “Did you see that?” We can hear multitudes of things, most with little or no effort on our part, unless we are hearing impaired. Some things we store in our brain’s filing system, others come in one ear and go right on out the other ear, like water off a duck’s back as the saying goes. Do we take the time to understand what we hear? Do we take hearing and understanding for granted?

My husband tells a true story that illustrates this point very well. He works for a blind friend of ours at a snack shop. This friend, because he is blind, uses talking cash registers. Any time you touch the keys of this register, it speaks to you. My husband Jerry and Paul (our blind friend) were discussing the hearing/listening process. As he was ringing out the next customer the register said, “Register off” plus on the screen it showed zero for the amount because it was off where you would normally see the cost of the sale if it had been on. After he had completed ringing the customer’s purchase, he noticed that the register said, “Register off” and had all zeroes instead of an amount of the sale. He had to enter the entire transaction again after he turned the register on. Therefore, he realized he was hearing but not listening and looking but not seeing.

How many times have we all done the same thing? Do we walk through our lives not 100% present?


Grandchildren are a gift from God. They afford you the chance to be young again. Not that you would change anything you did as a child yourself, but you get to see the world through new eyes. You get to teach them things that their parents may not have. You get to have childish fun again. Some things you might teach them are how to fish; how to bait a hook; how to sew; how neat it is to watch the clouds and just see what comes from your imagination. They may show an interest in your flower garden. If so, they can learn how certain flowers grow, by bulb or cutting. Can you jump rope or play jacks? Old games, yes, but still thoroughly enjoyable. My grandmother taught us card games like Kings on the Corner and Spades. She also taught me the art of crochet. The list of possibilities is endless and it is a list of treasures for both of your hearts and memories. Build memories today.Image

Are We Paying Attention? Part 2

God made each of us in His image. God is perfect, are we? In the New International Version (NIV) 1984, it is written, So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Genesis 1:27. We are made in His image, no matter how we are physically or emotionally. No one on earth has seen God; then we best not judge others or ourselves. In Ephesians 4:23-24, we read,23 to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Is that not what God really wants us to do – to have new attitudes, to put on our new selves and live righteous and holy lives? We cannot do that if we are self-absorbed, self-contained in our own little worlds thinking, “Oh woe is me.”

We must first sit quietly and listen. If we do not listen, how can we hear when God is speaking to us? When He does speak to us, and He will, we must follow His instructions whatever they are; even if they make us go out of our comfort zone, which is entirely possible. You see, God does not want us to stay in our safety zone or comfort zone. He wants us to step out in faith and live righteous lives and in doing so we will come in touch with people in whose lives we are supposed to make a difference. Wouldn’t you want such a person to touch your life?

Kind of makes eating your spinach a moot point.

Are We Paying Attention? Part 1

“No more spinach,” was a phrase heard many times, in the 1960’s; to which we were scolded, “Eat every last bite on your plate. There are children starving in China.” Everyone has problems, some worse than others. No one has a perfect life, no matter what anyone says.

Sometimes it is hard to remember, no matter how bad you think your life is, somewhere there is someone worse off than you are. You might not like the color or feel of your hair. It may be unruly as everything; others hair may be falling out, still others are bald. You might think you are fat while others are anorexic and cannot help themselves; they just get thinner and thinner sometimes until they die.

We live in America and have freedom of speech. In some countries, you can be jailed for decades or even killed for expressing a belief different than the government.

Some of us suffer from depression because we think we have it so bad. Let’s really think about that. Do you have all of you appendages; do they work well; can you walk unassisted; write unaided? Do your vocal cords function normally? How about your eyes – can you see – even if it is not 20/20? What about your ears – do they work as God intended them?